Dating Yourself in Your Single Season: 3 Date Night Ideas for Singles

Friday, February 12, 2021


Hey you! Hey hey...nah, we're not about to be bitter this Valentine's Day. We're not gonna be sad. You're gonna show love to your beautiful, single self and you're gonna like it...GOT IT?!

In case you were wondering, I was definitely talking to myself! I have been single for what seems like foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr and I'm not going to lie to you, a lot of times, I do not enjoy it at all. If I'm being honest, here lately I've had some feelings come up that I was so sure I'd dealt with. These feelings taunted me about the fact that I'm still single...these feelings tried to make me resent my friends who are receiving the love they deserve. These feelings told me that I will be single forever.

With some reframing, I acknowledged my feelings as lies that the enemy was using to convince me that I was not deserving of the love that I have always desired. I won't always be single; but, I will be single until God has completed His work in me in the season I am currently in. Let me tell yall somethin' (insert Cardi B lip smack), I AM IN MY BAG this season, okay?! The opportunities and ideas and partnerships and everything else that have been provided to me during this time have been more than I ever even fixed my mouth to ask for -- so yeah, I am willing to wait until the time is right and I am ready.

With that being said, that doesn't mean that I can't have fun dating myself in the meantime! Think about the intention behind dating, right? The purpose of dating is to get to know another person; what they like/dislike, their personality, their goals and values. So why wouldn't I want to learn all of these things about myself before consuming myself with that of another person? 

What I have learned in this season is the importance of enjoying ME. I am being intentional about spending time learning about myself and loving everything I discover. Imagine loving yourself on a deeper, less judgmental and more grace-giving way...yeah, I love it here! 

Enough about me, here are 3 date night ideas for you as you learn to enjoy your single season:

1. Go on a staycation and explore your city!
 For me personally, I know there are sooo many places in Durham (and Raleigh) that I have yet to visit and enjoy. Book a 'telly (a hotel room) for yourself and create your own weekend itinerary! Try new restaurants, visit museums, discover all of the murals touristy and intentionally explore the place you call home.
2. Book a spa day!
That facial you've been wanting to get? That massage you desperately need? That pedicure you've been putting off? Yeah, all'at - YOU DESERVE. You don't have to or need to wait on a partner to pamper yourself, friend. 

3. Plan a solo dinner and a movie!
So obviously we're still in the middle of a parfait, so this will take some creativity. Look up a recipe you've been wanting to try, find a new movie (or your favorite movie you've seen fifty'leven times) on Netflix or HBOMax (this is where alot of the movies that would be going to theaters are being shown). Then get dressed up, pour a glass of wine or a cocktail, set your dining room table for 1 and enjoy yourself!

These are just a few ideas! The point is that I want you to love on yourself the way you'd want a partner to on Valentine's Day -- cause your love is quality, so show yaself some...or a lot!


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