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Thursday, December 3, 2020


If you have someone in your life who is anything like me, they LOVE hosting. Not just any type of hosting, I mean the type of hosting where everything is CA-YUTE. Your favorite host or hostess deserves to have the very best when they gather! Most of these items are under $100 -- click any individual product above to go straight to the item, or use the descriptions below to shop my links (I've included similar, less expensive items there).

Faux Ivory Serving Tray | Perfect for serving that appetizer you found on Pinterest!
Marble Print Cake Stand | This is not limited to serving cake; there's room to get creative.
Gold Wine Rack | Because quality wine deserves an aesthetically pleasing home..duh.
Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses | Is there a better way to drink wine? Sip that Cabernet in style, honey.
Bose Speaker | Turn on that playlist that gets the PORTY started.
Gold Old-Fashioned Glasses | If you're going to have a cocktail, pour up in these!
Charcuterie Board  | Cause...classy.
Gold Bar Cart | And make sure it's stocked!
Food Warmer | Yall know folks be late and you know they don't like cold food.
Navy & Gold Electric Wine Opener | This set also comes with wine preservers so you don't have to toss out that perfect pour of wine after you've had enough for the night.
Marble Wine Cooler Sleeve | Honestly, just get it cause it's cute lol.
Drink Dispenser | This is what I wish we had in college instead of those ugly Gatorade coolers.
Gold Cocktail Shaker | Bartender, can I get another round please?

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