3 Tips for Turning Your Budget Into LEWKS

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Confession: I love shopping. And I didn't fall in love with shopping again until we were confined to our homes with no nails, no open hair salons and no friends lol. Before, I would definitely shop sometimes; but, I rarely splurged on clothes...I chose to splurge on food (then I started cooking again so I've saved money), and a fresh set of "grippaz (but then all my nails started lifting and I was nubby)." Soooo basically I had more money in my budget to shop for new clothes, so here we are.

But here's the thing...WE ARE STILL ON A BUDGET (I'm yelling at myself). So I've found ways to put together FIRE outfits, while not breaking the bank! Here are 3 ways to turn your budget into LEWKS:


Repurpose the Items You Already Have
Okay, I know. Usually the reason we shop for new clothes is because we feel like we've worn all of our old clothes and now we have nothing left to wear, but we're trying to save money here. Sure, you've already worn your "old" clothes one way, but have you tried pairing them or mixing & matching them with other items? I'm a t-shirt hoarder, so I've made many crop tops out of old t-shirts and paired them with some high-waisted pants/shorts, like my new favorite windbreaker pants that I got from a local thrift store! If you can't find a new way for YOU to wear your old clothes, consider taking them to a place like Plato's Closet where you can get a little (I definitely mean a LITTLE) extra cash before you go splurge. Or, you could also consider taking them to your local Goodwill or Rescue Mission for someone else to have. Take some time to go through your closet before your next shopping spree!

Shop at Your Local Thrift Stores...(and exercise patience)
Speaking of thrift stores, Goodwill and the Durham Rescue Mission are incredible places to find dope items! Here lately, I have been OBSESSED with thrifting. Many of you have seen me mention this a few times on Instagram, but one of my favorite places to thrift is Rumors Durham. It's definitely the vibe and aesthetic for me -- but they have so many super cute pieces for everyone and I never leave empty handed! Thrifting is not only a way to shop on a budget, it's also more sustainable! 
Just a couple tips for thrifting if you're new to this:
1. If you have the time, visit often! Thrift stores don't carry standard merchandise and usually only have one of each, so you have to move quick if you see something you like.
2. Dress appropriately! Right now, most dressing rooms are closed; so, if you think you'll need to try things on, you'll need to wear an outfit that will allow you to try pieces on over your clothes.
OH! This isn't a thrift store, but I have to plug! Stop. Sleeping. On. Walmart. I have put together full outfits (shoes and accessories included) for $30 or less at Walmart! This is absolutely a Walmart stan account.
Support Small (and Black Owned) Businesses
I've recently followed a couple Black Girls Who Thrift on Instagram for thrift and style inspiration. Good Girls Thrift and WashingtonAve are definitely two of my favorites! You can find a list of Black Owned, online thrift stores HERE.
Alright. Now you deserve a shopping spree, but you also deserve to still have money in your account once those new items arrive. If you go over budget, don't blame me....okay, you can blame me! Just tag #busystyle under your fire pics. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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