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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stay Polished x Brandy Garvin: IG: staypolished__ -- Nail Technician
What was your greatest inspiration/motivation to start Stay Polished?
My greatest inspiration/motivation for creating a brand for myself as well as doing nails would be being able to express my creativity, as well as turning a hobby into a job. Growing up I always did nails for fun! I never thought I would actually be working as a nail tech until my brother asked me did I want to enroll in nail school. I would definitely say my motivation came from my brother!
What is the overall vision of Stay Polished?
My overall vision of Stay Polished is not only in reference to nails. Stay Polished is also being able to maintain a positive image and all around personality in whatever you do!
What has been the biggest challenges of creating, launching and maintaining your brand/business?  
The biggest challenge for me would be “getting myself out there” and stepping out of my comfort zone. A lot of people will judge you based on your age & race, [but] I believe that once I started to feel more comfortable with myself and my craft it didn’t [phase] me as much. I started doing nails professionally at 20 years old, and to a lot of people that’s young. They often times feel as though you may not be as experienced as they would like you to be. As far as race goes….well of course many of us know that majority of the nail industry consist of people of Asian descent. Being a young black female entering the nail world has definitely been the hardest challenge.
What tips do you have for your consumers that may desire to launch a business of their own?
I would suggest doing plenty of research and possibly having a mentor in whatever business field one may be looking into. By doing this, you have the opportunity to speak with someone to find out some of the pros and cons when owning a business as well as deciding when you’re ready to make the big move! (I do not have a business of my own so I’ll take some tips as well lol!)
What are your future plans for Stay Polished?
Hmm… future plans honestly I can definitely see myself in a big city doing BeyoncĂ©’s nails or someone fancy like that. BUT if that doesn’t work out, I definitely have high hopes of one day opening my own salon in a nice city.  

Brandy Garvin
IG: Staypolished__
Cell: (336) 327-0152

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