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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Blk Women Hustle: IG: blkwomenhustle - Networking Platform

What was your greatest inspiration/motivation to start BlkWomenHustle?
BlkWomenHustle was inspired by a few things-- the disappointment experienced by friends using the services of others, my personal desire to defy stereotypes, and my unwavering love and admiration for the black woman. We're capable of so much and we have lights that are constantly being dimmed every way possible by so many people in society. Black women deserve the attention, love, and support for everything they continue to do, despite their socioeconomic status, titles, and the sizes of their platforms.

What is the overall vision of BlkWomenHustle?
I wanted to create a space that connects and celebrates women across the world, not just celebrities and those in my local area. With today's political climate, we hear and see so much on social media about uniting, supporting black businesses, etc. As a person who advocates for that type of unity, I wanted to bring it to life. Black women are heavily criticized and stereotyped as having attitudes or being catty toward one another, and I wanted this to display who we truly are and all that we have to offer. I wanted BlkWomenHustle to be that space where black women can come and feel loved, appreciated, and supported personally and professionally; but most of all, I wanted them to feel like themselves.

What have been the biggest challenges of creating, launching, and maintaining your brand/business?
The biggest challenge of maintaining BlkWomenHustle is keeping up with the growth! You can have dreams and goals, but when the growth of your brand exceeds your expectations and opportunities are presented sooner than expected, you can feel a little unprepared. So, I would say keeping track of it all while trying to provide constant updates is definitely the biggest challenge of them all. The next challenge would just be the creation of content that appeals to such a large audience. It's a bit different when you're appealing to women who've fallen in love with a platform versus your personal page where your content consists of whatever, posted whenever.

What tips do you have for your consumers that may desire to launch a business of their own?
If you feel you're ready to transition to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, be prepared to lose lots of sleep, lose touch with some family and friends, always plan ahead, and save your money! The best advice anyone could give you when starting your business? DON'T QUIT. Things might not seem to be working out, but step away for a while. Focus on some other aspects of your business. Work on different goals that will help you progress while you're still working out the kinks. Head back to the drawing board if the plan seems like it's headed for failure; it won't hurt you to start over. Whatever you choose to do, DON'T QUIT. 

What are your future plans for BlkWomenHustle?
I can't tell you that, sis! JK :) We'll be releasing some products, bringing our Networking Mixers to new cities, collaborating with other platforms supporting black women, and planning some major events! I can't elaborate at the moment, but just know that this platform wasn't created without reason. I'm looking forward to providing more events, perks, and opportunities that will benefit every woman connected with BlkWomenHustle.

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