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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Jasmine Jarvis
TECHnically Female - Tech Female Enthusiast: IG: technicallyfemale

What was your greatest inspiration/motivation to start TECHnically Female?
My greatest motivation to start TECHnically Female came after I was asked to be the Guest Speaker for the North Carolina Mathematics and Science Education Network (NC-MSEN) Pre-College Program's annual Awards Day Ceremony this year. I had the opportunity to speak with middle and high school students about my academic and career journey, the importance of sacrifice plus dedication and how pursuing STEM has positively impacted my life. Post-speech, I had several young girls show their appreciation for my candid advice and ask for photo-ops as they too were currently the "token black girl" currently in their STEM courses as I alluded that I had always been growing up and even today in Corporate America. As I reflected, I remembered how I was told that I was not a "good fit" for engineering, I was the only Black girl in advanced math and science course, and now I am consistently the only woman that has no problem speaking the truth in a conference room full of men. This was my defining moment. I knew that more young girls (who am I kidding, even grown women) need to hear from me and other successful STEMinists they could aspire to be in order to stay motivated and encouraged to change our world by pursuing STEM careers. As a result, TECHnically Female was born :)

What is the overall mission of TECHnically Female?
TECHnically Female is a community empowering women of all ages interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM). It exists to provide useful advice to inspire women to slay in a male shaped society, to motivate females to pursue STEM courses and career pathways, and to create a community of like-minded STEMinists and tech girl bosses!

What have been the biggest challenges of creating, launching and maintaining your brand/business?
My biggest challenge so far launching TECHnically Female is definitely determining what content to present to the commununity as so many topics exist that can be discussed in regards to emphasizing female empowerment in STEM. I have received an overwhelming response from fellow STEMinists who want to be a part of this movement and who see the importance of this community, which is extremely exciting and truly has made the nervousness of taking this leap of faith to launch TECHnically Female less intimidating. This Black Girl Magic boss is ready to build her empire, but every great empire needs support to be successful.

What tips do you have for your consumers that may desire to launch a business of their own?

Start now and don't talk yourself out of launching! There will never be a "right time" nor will you have everything you need resource wise and you will never have everyone's support. At the end of the day your business belongs to you and always bet on yourself first. As long as you continue to pursue a business that allows you to pursue your passion you can never go wrong.

What are your future plans for TECHnically Female?
Wow future plans... great question! Short-term I definitely hope to grow this community in capacity to as wide as I can possibly reach in order to provide the greatest impact. Long-term I would love to continue the conversations in person by hosting annual conferences that bring the TECHnically Female community together to provide useful resources to ensure growth in STEM, strengthen our relationships through networking, and improve our overall personal/professional development needs as women. So if you are or know a female, young or older, who loves STEM and would like to join our TECHnically Female community please follow or encourage them to follow us on Instagram at @technicallyfemale !

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"An Instagram community empowering women of all ages interested in science, technology, engineering, & mathematics (STEM)"

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