Frolicking: Asheville Travel Guide

Tuesday, June 29, 2021


    SUMMA, SUMMA SUMMATIME! Oh summer, how I've missed thee. This past weekend, I took my first summer trip with my girls - we roadtripped to Asheville, NC. Whether you are going on a baecation or planning a fun weekend with friends, I'm so excited to give you some suggestions to help you plan your Asheville Adventure.


AC Hotel Asheville Downtown This hotel was locating in the PERFECT spot. We were able to walk to 90% of the places in this travel guide in less than 10 minutes! There's a restaurant/bar on the rooftop that I would definitely suggest you visit (especially for the view of Asheville from Capella on 9).


Curate| If you love tapas like we do, you DEFINITELY have to go to Curate while you're in Asheville! MAKE A RESERVATION because they are an Asheville fave and the chances of getting in without one are slim. Please get the Gambas al Ajillo, Albondigas and the Patatas Bravas!

Mountain Madre | The margarita and tequila flights here?! LISTEN. Not to mention their queso was amazing and the enchiladas were mouth watering!

Biscuit Head | You wanna talk about range? The way they have reWERKED the biscuit game...whew! My suggestion is to call in your order for takeout and find a cute spot outdoors or go back to your hotel to enjoy because they're always packed out the door.

Isa's French Bistro | Okay, so the food here isn't GREAT; but they have mimosa flights....'nuff said.

Crave Dessert Bar | This place is a viiiiibe! They have drinks, hookah AND food. The outdoor patio is super cute at night!


Wicked Weed Brewing Pub | Another vibe! It gives very much "beer garden" vibes. It's mostly outdoor and the playlist was hittin' as we enjoyed beer flights and some bomb wings!

Imperial | We went back here TWICE. The drinks were heavy and the quesabirria tacos, yall???? Listen. If you go, ask for Terrell - he was such a great server! 


Catawba Falls | If you plan to do something active during your trip, this trail is beautiful. It gets a bit challenging, but the view makes up for it!

Self Care Is An Act of Freedom

Friday, March 19, 2021


I recently experienced what I have started calling "Freedom Day." Freedom Day has now replaced a traditional self-care day for me. I'm not even sure if I will be able to capture the joy from that day in this post, but I definitely want to try so that you can plan your own!

I use the word "plan" loosely, because for some reason, I wasn't able to create an "itinerary" for this day. And y'all know me, lol - if I don't do anything else, ima have a plan! I just couldn't do it. I knew I was going to be checking into Aloft Durham Downtown and I knew that I was going to get a massage, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't decide what else I wanted to do for this day.

 Here's what I learned in my inability to create a plan:

What I learned is that I am allowed to be free from the burden and pressures of structure. I don't have to be anxious in the absence of a plan. I can [and am allowed to] have joyful experiences - I can choose to explore rather than stick to an itinerary.

So! In the absence of a plan, here are some of the things I did and places I explored:

- Put my phone on DND and turned off all of my social notifications (they're still off).

- Received a 90 minute massage from Susan at Bull City Massage Therapy. Those 90 minutes felt much more like five, but my body needed every second!

- Checked into Aloft Durham Downtown! Yall. They gave me the BEST room with the BEST views of Downtown Durham. The sweet staff (special shoutout to Chelsea, Wesley and Ronnie!) made sure that I was taken care of - from the perfect room, to the strongest drinks and a late check-out time for extra relaxation time...I literally can't wait to go back! If you're planning your own freedom day, Aloft is a 10/10 recommendation.

- Took pictures of the most random and beautiful things so that I could look back and feel the peace from this incredible day!

- Had lunch at Dames, got my favorite salted butter caramel icecream from The Parlour and danced in the park as if no one was watching.

It was a beautiful day and you deserve to have that type of day too! You deserve a freedom day. I want you to be free from the pressure of "planning" for this day, so here are 3 tips to have the experience you deserve:

  1. Allow yourself to wander. Even if you create a plan for the day, don't be married to it. Give yourself the space to explore where you are.
  2. Disconnect. Turn off your social notifications, put your phone on DND, etc. Let this day be just for YOU. Don't feel obligated to answer phone calls or text back - everyone/thing will be okay. 
  3. Walk around. Park your car and walk everywhere! Eliminate the barrier between you and the beauty around you - be willing to take it in and capture it (whether through an actual picture or a mental photo).

The way I view self-care has changed as a result of experiencing this day. I now know that self-care is an act of freedom. It's almost other-worldly. It's radical. It's selfish and it ought to be.

Go enjoy your self. 

Creating a Space That Brings You Joy (No Matter the Season)

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

If anyone is wondering, we absolutely JUST took our Christmas decor down and honestlyyyy, I'm sad about it. 300 something days until they're back up..but who's counting (definitely me)? 

Obviously Christmas decor makes me happy; but whether it's holiday decorations, or everyday home decor, it's important to create a space that brings you joy no matter what season it is...especially now that living and working from home have become our norm. These are the walls you have to look at everyday, the bedroom you have to find peace in and the living room where you will binge watch your favorite show for the thousandth time, so you should love it! We may not be able to control the chaos that's going on in the world, but we can definitely control our home and the way it makes us feel.

Some questions to ask yourself: How does your current space make you feel? When you walk in, do you immediately experience peace? Do the rooms in your home make you feel inspired and creative? Do you feel more or less stressed when you spend time in your home? On your worst days, is there an item in your home that can instantly bring you joy?

Here are some tips for creating a space that will help you endure your toughest days and find the joy in your best ones:
1. Create designated areas for each part of your day. A joyful space isn't just about the decorations, it's also about the intention of the space. For example, if possible, separate the place you rest from the place you work. Try to avoid doing work from bed -- if you have a desk or dining room table, use it! If not, purchase a lap desk and create a WFH nook in your room or living room.

2. Invite color into your space! Color plays a really important role in how you feel while in your space. Red is a great accent color, but too much of it can radiate anger. Colors like yellow, orange and green encourage happiness and fresh energy. This is especially important for those of us who live with seasonal depression -- there may not be much color outside during certain seasons, so bring your favorite season into your home!

3. Declutter, clean and organize your space! Yall, I knooooow we get comfortable with the organized chaos of our homes; but there is something so peace inducing about a clean space. Pick one day each week to clean up your spaces and sit and feel the difference!

4. Find scents that embody the way you want to feel in your home. A joyful space engages every single one of our senses! It's something about burning my favorite candles while I'm cleaning, or working, or relaxing that makes me feel like I'm doing something right! If you want scents that last beyond the candle, buy some plug-ins and place them at the entrance of your space, the living room, the kitchen, your bedroom and bathroom - pick scents that match the emotional feeling of each room.

Let your home be your safe space and be intentional about creating that safety in a joyful way!


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