Peace. BE STILL.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Welcome to The Busy Bre! I'm so glad that you're here. I hope that if you came with joy, that you leave with even more. If you came in the midst of a dark season, it is my prayer that you leave with some light to take with you. Either way, thank you for being here!

For those who don't know, I'm Bre; a 20-something, Jesus-loving, Beyonce-stanning, BarTaco-craving Black woman constantly on a journey to creating and sustaining lasting joy and peace in a world that sometimes lacks both.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that the reason for this rebrand is because I realized that I had been doing too much. If you know me, you know the following things about me: I live with anxiety, both my planner and phone calendar are ALWAYS full, I am always doing something and I do not know how to sit down...ever. The reason I initially started blogging, and the reason that I originally created (my former blog name), was out of my crippling fear of not having anything to do (or a structure) post-graduation. I was afraid of the adjustment I'd have to make once my identity was no longer tied to the institution of education (I talk about my post-grad experience here). After wrestling with God (He told me to do this months before quarantine started) and recognizing that I was using a busy lifestyle to cope with anxiety and fear (oh and after being forced into quarantine), I realized that I had to rebrand; my blog, my life...alluhit. I no longer wanted my gifts to be attached to fear. I no longer wanted to run from or be crippled by change.

In the midst of a global pandemic and a mandated stay-at-home order, God literally forced me still. It was real "I said what I said-ish," ya know? He required me to sit still because I needed to learn how to adjust and adapt to not having a calendar full of events and meetings and everything else. He needed me to refuel and find peace and solace in just...being. He needed me to refuel so that I could fulfill the assignment He has on my life without constantly being burnt out. During this time, God has given me the opportunity to make space for myself, the 'Busy Bre' personified. 

I refuse to come out of this period of pandemic, social injustice and political unrest the same way that I went into it. This blog is my first step. The purpose of The Busy Bre is to be a lifestyle blog that helps folks find the blessings in their imperfections while maintaining a busy lifestyle. In order for me to model that mission, I am learning that my ability to plan events, be available to the people I love, serve others and everything else, are gifts; but, if I abuse these gifts, I will drain myself and will be no good to those I'm connected to. I'm committed to being a good steward over my gifts.

I hope you know how grateful I am to share this new and improved space with you. Let's grow together.


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Affirmation of the Week

“You have always been a blessed thing, and goodness has no trouble finding you because goodness is what you deserve." – Upile Chisala