Deck the Halls with...Self-Care?

Thursday, November 21, 2019

It's the moooost wonderful tiiiiime, of the yeeear! Or, is it? For some, this is the furthest thing from the truth. While most of us would like to hope that the Holidays would be a pleasant experience, some are simply trying to keep the trauma, drama and generational curses at bay at least until the turkey is cut and there's no more gifts left under the tree.

The truth is, this time of year opens up a lot of old (and new) wounds for a lot of people and is a time where self can very quickly get neglected. It's important for you to take care of yourself as you attempt to make it through family dinners without slapping somebody (I am not suggesting that you do this...but, I get it).

I did some research and spoke with some friends, and came up with SEVEN tips on how you can take care of yourself during the Holidays!

  • PRIORITIZE TIME FOR YOU! During the Holidays, it's easy to get consumed with spending time with everyone but yourself...especially if you have family that constantly accuses you of being antisocial. Get a mani-pedi, go get a pre-turkey workout in, lock yourself in your room with a glass of wine. Just be intentional about spending some extra time with yourself before the chaos. 
  • Don't try to be everywhere at once! Sit down somewhere and slow down, OKAY (I'm yelling at myself)?! Relax. Bake some cookies for Santa. Sit by the fireplace and roast some chestnuts or something, I don't know! You do not always have to be on the go and you CERTAINLY don't have to attend every holiday party you receive an invite to. Exercise the power of NO this season.
  • And if you don't know how to sit down, just unplug (completely) for a day and REST. It's just ONE DAY, don't freak out. Take a moment to recharge before being around so many people. Take an entire day for yourself just to recenter and replenish your spirit/energy. (This is especially important for those of us who are preparing to deal with drunk Uncle Pookie and the drama that ensues when him and his wife come around...mhm.)
  • Create a Holiday playlist! When all else fails, just dance the night away. Whether you need an intentional worship playlist to remind you that God has everything under control or you just need Beyonce, Lizzo and/or Meg the Stallion to remind you that you ain't no average chick...just create a playlist that's going to put a smile on your face. Prepare this playlist for the moment things start to get crazy and play it before that!
  • Give yourself the grace and space to FEEL. Take care of yourself by knowing your limits. Don't eat or drink your feelings. Instead, get in tune with yourself and really process what you're feeling. Make sense of what's going on around you. When do certain feelings arise? Who's in the room when those feelings surface? What are you doing when you start to feel that way? These are all good questions to ask yourself!
  • Respect your budget. Respect your budget. Respect your budget. Wow, is it just me or was that really loud? Hm. Yeah...I can't even find the words for this one because I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be talking to myself. I'm just gonna move on to the next one.....okay, okay. Just don't spend more than you have this holiday. Get on Pinterest and find some thoughtful DIY gifts that your friends and family will love. You could even suggest doing Secret Santa with your family so you only have to buy a gift for one person. You still have to live after Christmas, Breanna...I mean, everybody. Save yourself the financial stress, please.
  • Honor your boundaries. Sometimes our desire to please others causes us to allow them to push us past the boundaries that we have put in place. AHT AHT. That stops now. Seriously, stop doing that. Make a list of ways to respond when your boundaries are crossed so that you know exactly what to do or say when someone triggers you (remember that walking away is an option, especially when interacting with those loved ones who don't even try).
Moral of the story is, protect your peace and yourself this year. You deserve to be healthy and whole and the journey to wholeness starts with YOU.

What are some ways that YOU practice self-care during the holidays?

With Blessings & Imperfections,

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