Exploring Raleigh: Natural Esthetics Skincare Boutique

Monday, March 25, 2019
The longer I stay in Raleigh, the more opportunities I have to explore all of  the wonderful places that this city has to offer. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Natural Esthetics Skincare Boutique, owned by Amanda Grace, where they were kind enough to offer me a complimentary Lash Set. Natural Esthetics has two locations, in both downtown Raleigh and Cary, where they specialize in enhancing AND maintaining natural beauty by using natural and organic products. 

You all know that I also love picking the brains of entrepreneurs. At the end of this post, Amanda has shared some of the wisdom she's developed in the last several years - check it out!
Those who know me know that self-care in the form of facials and lash sets is something I love! I used to get my lashes done every 2-3 weeks because I was and still am obsessed. When I went to visit Amanda, the owner of Natural Esthetics, she reminded me why I was so obsessed. She was gentle, efficient AND her playlist was BOMB.
It took a little more than 2 hours to get this set done. Now, I know that sounds like such a long time; but, think of the nap you could take in 2 hours...and then when you wake up, you'll have a gorgeous set of lashes that you won't be able to stop staring at. That sounds like the best nap ever. Trust me, it's worth it. I am 2 weeks post lash application and I am STILL receiving compliments on these lashes. You will be addicted! Book your appointment ASAP and tell 'em flawBless with Bre sent you!
Notes from the Owner:

What are the three biggest benefits to your clients when they visit your locations?
  • High quality, non-toxic products. Our treatments and products are designed to work in harmony with the skin’s natural renewal process. We also sell a curated selection of active and natural products that are eco-certified, vegan friendly –– one of them being sourced locally, which is Durham’s very own Lo & Behold Naturals! All of our services including facials, airbrush tanning, teeth whitening and lash extensions are used with high quality products and tools, too.
  • A personal approach with perks. We know that everyone and his or her skin’s needs are unique and we treat them as much! All of our treatments can be personalized to fit your needs. And to thank our clients we love so much, we offer a perk-filled rewards program that allows clients to receive exclusive discounts just for participating in trainings, discounts for online reviews and referrals.
  •  A friendly atmosphere that lets you unwind and feel pampered. Simply put, our team prides itself on being neighborly and giving clients an enjoyable experience. We hope that you leave our doors feeling refreshed, but also at ease working with us!

What are the top two questions that clients ask when they come in for lash extensions? 
How long do they last?’ and ‘Will they damage my natural lashes?’ are pretty standard questions most clients have and, unfortunately, the answers aren’t straight forward. Lash extensions are intended to last through the growth cycle of each individual lash and shed naturally as new lashes grow in so they gradually thin out over a six to eight week period until none remain. To keep a full looking set of lashes, it is recommended that clients come in for maintenance every two to three weeks for fill-ins.

In regards to damaging your lashes: no, extensions will not damage your natural lashes when the application technique is focused on isolation of individual lashes utilizing minimal amount of adhesive and appropriate lengths that don’t extend too far from the natural lashes tips to ensure a strong support and so that the weight and thickness of the lash extensions doesn’t disturb your natural lashes. They do have the potential to damage lashes when the products and techniques are used incorrectly. Lash extensions should not be thick and heavy on the eyes, nor should any product be in contact with skin. The clients also a play a role in maintaining the health of their lashes. For example, if a client rubs and pulls their lashes or doesn’t keep their lash bed clean, damage can occur. A typical full set of lashes should take an hour and a half to two hours to apply and shouldn’t even feel like anything is on your eyes, once completed.

With over 15 years of experience in this industry, what has kept you going? What is your "why?" 

Honestly, I think I’m great at what I do. Seeing the affects of my “magic hands” is incredibly rewarding for me. I see the appreciation of my clients when I’m able to identify concerns and deliver results. The connections you make with people in those moments makes you want to keep learning so you can provide the best service. I was fortunate to find an industry that suited my personality and interest in a healthy lifestyle, as well as my need for flexibility in scheduling, so that I could be involved and hands-on with my kids.

A Letter to Resilient Women - International Women's Day

Friday, March 8, 2019

Dear Resilient Woman,

Thank you for creating life. Your ability to endure through the trials and tribulations that come along with bringing life into this hectic world is so beautiful, and a true testament to how strong you are and have always been. Your ability to find new ways to create life in this world is inspiring to so many. Whether it's through childbearing, dropping a FIRE picture on the 'gram with that light-filled smile of your's, providing scholarships for the next generation of women to secure a better future or pulling up seats at tables you belong at; the life that you give is irreplaceable. Thank you.

Thank you for sustaining life. They claim that this is a "man's world;" but baaaaby, this world wouldn't be NOTHING without you. The way you love, the way you nurture and the way you command the room is an aspiration for so many. Because of you, the world has stood through the test of time. Thank you for creating cultural delicacies out of the scraps you were given and feeding the masses. Because of you, people have a home cooked meal to help digest the pain of a dark day. Because of you, young boys and girls alike know that they can do whatever they put their mind to. Because of you, hugs, kisses and prayers have kept us going. Thank you.

Thank you for living life. They see your strength and they assume you can handle everything..because you can. Trust me, I know it gets hard sometimes. I know you've been through more than the world could ever fathom. I know there are nights you cry yourself to sleep right after praying the sunshine back into someone else's life; but, here you are. Thank you for showing up for everyone else. Thank you for choosing to give life even when all you wanted to do was take your own. Today, baby it's time to start showing up for yourself; so, thank you for choosing YOU. I'm so happy you're here. Thank you.

To ALL of the strong, brilliant, loving, beautiful, truth-telling, creative, praying, listening, business-owning, degree-attaining and phenomenal women in my life..this is for you. I love you

Happy International Women's Day!

With blessings & imperfections,


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