The Day for Love: Embracing Your Single Season

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!
So, I thought that I'd be writing this post from a place of peace and joy as I spend another Valentine's Day as a single woman. Ya know, enjoying the freedom of being single; however, I am not. Instead, I am writing this post from an extreme case of "I'm over this. Where's my man??" Lol. Can you relate?

The interesting thing about this feeling is that it's the total opposite of how I felt about my single season last year. Last year, I was ecstatic to be single. On Valentine's Day, I took myself to get a massage, I got a manicure and pedicure, I took myself out to eat at Kanki (my fave) and then I went on a shopping spree at Ulta. IT. WAS. GREAT. But this Valentine's Day feels different. 
That's the thing about seasons though, right? They are subject to change - if you live in North Carolina, you feel me.

You won't always enjoy every part of the season. There will be times when the seasons don't change when you think they should. There will be times when you feel let down and disappointed when another potential relationship doesn't blossom into all you hoped it would become. There will be times when you feel bitterness while watching your friends enjoy the same happiness with their partner(s) that you feel like you deserve. 

On this Valentine's Day, I'm not going to tell you that you won't be single by this time next year because I don't know what season you are currently in, nor do I know what season God will bring you to by next February.

But, the season will eventually change. You will soon experience a love so great that you can't even put it into words. What I AM going to tell you is that the wait will be worth it. And when that day comes, I want you to be ready.
Here's how I want you to prepare:
Learn to love yourself..every single broken, ugly, imperfect part of yourself. Get rid of the shame you've been feeling from your past experiences with love. Really get to know YOU and learn to love every single bit of your amazing, beautiful, authentic and wise self.

Fill up YOUR cup..whether single or in a relationship, we often have the tendency to feel obligated to heal every attractive, broken person that walks into our lives; but, have you taken the time to heal yourself? What have you done for yourself to ensure that you are equipped with all that you need in order to be good to yourself and not just everyone around you? It's cliche; but, you truly can't pour from any empty cup. So, be kind and generous to yourself.    

Smile often..surround yourself with people and things that put that big 'ol, "I'm full of joy" type of smile on your face. Travel to places you've never been before. Tell your corniest jokes and let out your heartiest, from the belly laugh. Be happy. 
You may not be in a relationship for Valentine's Day next year; but, you WILL be a better version of yourself. You WILL be WHOLE.

With Blessings & Imperfections,


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