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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Peacefully Profitable: IG: peacefullyprofitable - Entrepreneur, Coach + Podcast Host

What was your greatest inspiration/motivation to start Peacefully Profitable?
My greatest inspiration/motivation to start Peacefully Profitable was freedom!  It's something I need in my life due to the unique circumstances and challenges that have been placed in my path.  Also to create a legacy that would live on when I'm no longer around.  It has always been bigger than me and I think we should all look at our business through a similar lens (legacy)

What is the overall vision of Peacefully Profitable?
Peacefully Profitable is a consulting firm for major corporations so our misson/vision is to help people succeed in their career in a peaceful yet meaningful way. Our goal is to ensure all clients have a clear mindset, positive outlook and the desire to be the very best version of themselves.

We are also here to help business owners sustain retention and bottom-line with profitable productivity strategies, that will in turn help employees be more productive and meet their goals.   

What have been the biggest challenges of creating, launching and maintaining your brand/business?
 The biggest challenges have been trying to remain as close as I can to my authentic self, vision + brand.  I say this is a challenge because in order to attract certain clients or gain some business, those potential clients are wanting you to look a certain way or operate in a way that only they are used to.  This can be challenging for someone who prides themselves on staying true to who they are.  My advice:  Stay true to who you are, regardless.  The right customers will always find you.

What tips do you have for your consumers that may desire to launch a business of their own?
Tips for consumers that may have the desire to launch a business or their own:  Know your why!  Why do you even want to start a business.  This often times eliminates a lot of the confusion, stress and even some delay in scaling your business.  It's going to be really difficult to succeed if you don't know why you are running a business and who you are servicing.  Also, don't be afraid or too good to serve.  There will be time for you to call yourself a BOSS, but until then, SERVE!!

What are your future plans for Peacefully Profitable?
 My future plans for the business are to scale and grow a successful team and become a household name.  I will no longer be the face of my business and it will be a true BRAND that companies seek out when they are in need of employee development, engagement and growth strategies for their company.

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