#GivingTuesday: #GiveREAL with Aerie Brand Ambassadors and Period at NC State

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

I started my menstrual cycle at 9 years old. I was one of the only 4th grade girls in my school that had her period and I was pretty embarrassed whenever I needed additional feminine products; but, I was fortunate enough to have the access to additional feminine products when I needed them. There are many women who are limited to utilizing toilet paper or reusing clothing and unfortunately ruining sole pairs of pants and/or underwear. This is due to the excessive cost of tampons and pads; some women simply can't afford them.

The Aerie Ambassadors at NC State recently partnered with Period at NC State to educate all women on the importance of and need for menstrual products. In support of Aerie's overall mission of giving back to the greater Wake County community and Period at NC State's mission to provide period products to the homeless population in Wake County, they collectively organized a menstrual product donation drive on November 16th, during Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week. With well over 35,000 students, both organizations felt that such an event would leave a lasting impact on the NC State community as a result, reach the greater Raleigh/Durham community as well. On this day, they raised nearly $200 and received enough product donations to cover 80 periods! All items will be donated to SOAR Outreach and NC State's Feed the Pack Pantry.

Today is Giving Tuesday and NC State's Aerie Brand Ambassadors and Period would like to invite you to their Period Packing Party where they will be organizing the donations they received. They will meet in Talley Student Union room 4280 at 8:00pm. Will you join the cause?

Please find more information about Period and updates about GivingTuesday by following @periodncstate or Aerie Brand Ambassadors (@trinazhodges, @m_ebri or @eliza.bars) on Instagram!

With Blessings & Imperfections,

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