Six Podcasts You NEED in Your Life!

Friday, October 19, 2018

So, I KNOW that most of us stay totally and completely focused during the work day; but, this post is for those of us who need a little extra something(s) to get us through the day when we are otherwise supposed to be consumed by work stuff. Here are my recommendations for hilarious, thought-provoking, brand-building, insightful and necessary podcasts that will help motivate you as you continue working to change the email at a time.

(Hang in there, friend; it'll be 5 o'clock before you know it. Enjoy!)

Woman Evolve w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts - this podcast is one of my Top Three personal FAVORITE podcasts! SJR has this incredible way of mixing Pop Culture with The Word of God and it makes for an informative, hilarious and encouraging listen.
Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts

Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham - this podcast is fairly new; but, Ashley Graham's willingness to "go there" and to discuss important issues (like issues around race, gender and sexuality) with some of pop culture's most influential people, is quite refreshing.
Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham

Small Doses with Amanda Seales - y'all. This is another one of my top 3 favorite podcasts. Amanda Seales is HILARIOUSSSS, y'all. She can take the most serious issue and somehow make it so funny that you understand that topic more than you did before you even considered laughing about it. LOL, will not be disappointed after subscribing to this podcast!
Small Doses with Amanda Seales 

1A by NPR

1A by NPR - I often miss out on the most important issues happening in the world because I [admittedly] allow Shaderoom news to take over my life (not proud, but well-informed on celebrity celebrations and misfortunes). 1A gives me the opportunity to stay informed with the topics that matter like updates on labor shortages and the midterm elections (speaking of: are you registered to vote on November 6th?).

Paychecks & Balances with Rich and Marcus
Paychecks & Balances - Listen. If you KNOW me, then you KNOW that I have no concept of budgeting and I desperately need to yesterday. This podcast was created to provide millennials with a fun and relatable way to learn about finances and receive career advice you can apply practically.  

Peacefully Profitable with Shermikia Lemon
Peacefully Profitable with Shermikia Lemon - Last but not least, the third of my top three favorite podcasts of ALL time belongs to one of my favorite auntie/bestie/sister girl. Peacefully Profitable gives current and future entrepreneurs the keys and the tools to turn passion into profit, all while learning the work-life balance that helps to maintain your PEACE. 

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

With Blessings & Imperfections,

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