The Time is NOW!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

I woke up Monday morning feeling inadequate and less than my worth. I was truly starting to question my intelligence, my capabilities and my purpose, because of a couple challenging tasks that were more difficult than what I am used to… the upcoming launch of this blog and the potential of starting a new job in my field. My brother introduced a concept to me known as  "imposter syndrome." This is essentially the feeling of inadequacy even despite the credentials and the achievements that prove that a person is exactly what they fear they aren't (or never will be) ... which is successful, accomplished and meaningful. This was the voice and the attack of the enemy trying to rob me of my gifts! I was worried that once I released this blog… once I answered God’s call, that there’d be no way I would amount to other bloggers. That there’d be no way this blog would become all that I prayed for it to be.  

The remedy for this is to look the problem/task/person/whatever right in the face and remind that thing that God's plans for you are signed, sealed and preparing for delivery and it’s not in their jurisdiction or ability to hinder what God has already written into His plan. One day I woke up and realized that this isn’t just about me, that there were people depending on me. That day, I woke up with confidence, put a name to this dream come true and all of hell SHOOK because I’d taken my confidence back. That’s what I want this blog/space to be about...taking back all of the things that were stolen from us. Peace, joy, love, confidence, discipline, vulnerability, forgiveness...all’at. 

 I am MORE than ENOUGH, and these moments of inadequacy are just the enemy's way of trying to talk me out of my purpose and I refuse to let that happen. Romans 8:28 - we know that in ALL things (INCLUDING feelings of inadequacy, doubt, lack, etc.), God works for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose. ​I once heard Denzel Washington say that "Ease is a bigger threat to progress than hardship." When we are not being challenged, we get bored. When we get bored we become stagnant and we stop putting our all into our purpose. Starting right now, I am learning to EMBRACE the challenges that come my way and to be content with where I am. I am capable, and I WILL see myself through this season of my life that I asked God for and was blessed to receive. From this moment forward everything we say is going to manifest. 

Everything we touch will turn to gold. And like that Wild Woman Sarah Jakes Roberts said, “everything we release will PUSH BACK THE DARKNESS!” We’re about to walk into our light together! I’m not going on this journey without YOU. The time for us to be who we have been called to be is NOW. With that being said, WELCOME to flawBless. Let’s become all that we were created to be, together… blessings, imperfections and all.
WE CAN DO THIS - Phil. 4:13.

With Blessings & Imperfections,

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“You have always been a blessed thing, and goodness has no trouble finding you because goodness is what you deserve." – Upile Chisala