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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A.Nicole Beauty Lounge: IG: @anicole_thenailtech – Nail Technician

What was your greatest inspiration/motivation to start A. Nicole Beauty Lounge?

My inspiration to start A. Nicole Beauty Lounge was my older brother. He died in 2008 and ever since then I felt like everyone around me projected that I’d fail at whatever I decided to do. Considering the fact that most people tend to fall off bad when something so tragic happens that close to home, I thought I would too. With the help of my family, my mom mostly, I was able to overcome some of my many fears and begin to work on my own business. 

What is the overall vision/purpose of A. Nicole Beauty Lounge?

The overall vision of A. Nicole Beauty Lounge is just to show that black girls do rock out when it comes to whatever they put their mind to, in my case my nail salon! We solely promote beauty done the right way from nails to lashes, facials and waxing with more to come! 

What have been the biggest challenges of creating, launching and maintaining your brand/business?

To me the biggest challenge was making sure I was creating something authentic. I wanted all my stuff to be my own, not something I copied off of someone else when it comes down to logos, apparel and even my nails! I take so much pride in my work and I’ve learned that not everyone deserves it and I mean that in the most humble way possible. Once you learn that everyone doesn’t deserve to be a part of what you do, brand building and maintaining won’t be hard because the people apart will pay what you’re worth without any questions and even remind you to keep going for more. That was the hardest lesson I learned, ever since things have run a lot smoother. One of the most important lessons I learned was don’t mix business and pleasure or better yet personal and business! People will begin to think they can use “family” or “friend” benefits when it comes to business and those are totally separate. Setting the standard and rules the first time is so super important so it won’t become a problem later! 

What tips do you have for your consumers that may desire to launch a business of their own?

A) Don’t give up! EVER!
B) Take criticism and use it to your advantage 
C) Ask for help (you’re not the first or last with that problem)
D) Do your own research that pertains to everything in your business
E) Set goals, meet them, set higher ones
F) You may not have the building or the funds yet but do something every day for your business even if it’s just buying a planner to begin organizing. 
G) Remember who said you couldn’t do it (that’s fuel) 
H) Most of all keep going and don’t be afraid to fail the first time. Everything happens at the right time.

What are your future plans for A. Nicole Beauty Lounge?

My future plans for A. Nicole Beauty Lounge are to expand into a nail school and possibly a beauty school that includes hair, esthetics and nails and employ my students as they graduate. Also, franchise possibly. If not, at least expand to 5-6 other big cities and go from there! There are also a lot of great upcoming things branching out from under the A. Nicole umbrella and Pretty N Pricey is one of those many projects! 

Just a little gem:
The obstacles that come along are set up to discourage you and make you quit but finding a purpose helps you remember why it matters so much to get there. The key is once you get there not to forget the fight you put up on the way to where you’re going so that you don’t go back. 

“Love what you do and do what you love”

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